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Villa le Ripe
from mezzadrile tuscan farmhouse...

Villa le Ripe’s history goes back to the 16th century, when tuscan settlements began to spread outside the local town walls and italian sharecropping became common. Italian sharecropping was an agricultural contract where the owner of the estate would grant half of the cultivated crops from the estate to the farming family. In Tuscany, sharecropping still exists in an evolved form to this day, shaping the tuscan landscape as we know it.

Villa le Ripe is the classic sharecroppers farmhouse: a simple structure with stables and utility rooms on the ground floor, the sharecroppers living space on the first floor, and storage of cheese, grain and other foods on the upper floor.


... to holiday villa

Villa le Ripe once had an extension of three and half hectares devoted almost exclusively to the cultivation of olives and vines. In the territory, there were natural water springs which made cultivation and livestock farming easier and extremely profitable. The stable hosted between two to four “chianina” oxen, which were used as beasts of burden and as food. the “chianina beef” is made famous by the florentine steak.

The restoration of Villa le Ripe into a holiday villa aims to respect the original space by enriching the typical architectural elements in a modern living space. After the restoration, Villa le Ripe has four apartments with a private garden and shared swimming pool.

The apartments

La Nonna

La Tinaia

Le Volte

San Gimignano

Swimming pool

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